My Comfort Zone

I wanted to create a chance for all of us to celebrate who we are unapologetically and together, and hopefully make something that connects us and inspires a domino effect of people to do the same. And with that, I’m making a video compilation of everyone singing or mouthing along, dancing or just expressing yourselves in whatever way feels right with no inhibitions to the song My Comfort Zone. It can be by ourselves or in groups, with or without filters, the only condition is to be yourself and have fun.

And as a thank you and just because gifts are lovely, everyone of you who takes part will get a little present ranging from Handwritten lyrics to a CD of all the different versions of My Comfort Zone coming soon but all including a personal letter from me with love.

If you want to be a part of it all you have to do is film yourself *in landscape* doing your thing to My Comfort Zone and send it to me at!! It doesn’t have to be the whole song either, just do your favourite bit :)

And if we can get at least one video from a listener from each continent, it would legitimately be a globally connected music video! We can be another big voice spreading the message of self love far and wide.

We have 7 weeks so tag your tribe in the comments below and let’s make something to remember, together.

Purchase "My Comfort Zone" on Apple Music/iTunes HERE.

To purchase and stream"My Comfort Zone" click Here

My Comfort Zone Challenge!

Because the first 10 days of the #mycomfortzonechallenge had such an amazing response we have decided to do another 30 day wave beginning 19th Feb to the 19th March.

I just released a song called My Comfort Zone and as a way to give back I created a challenge using the hashtag #mycomfortzonechallenge to spread awareness of self growth, self-love and their importance to mental health.

To join the movement all you have to do:
1. Share how you've left your comfort zone on any social media at least once in the 30 days by either
- posting a video of yourself singing a line of your favourite song OR
- doing something nice for someone else that you wouldn’t usually do OR
- doing your own!

2. Use the hashtag #mycomfortzonechallenge

3. Nominate 3 or more people do the same.

By all of us sharing our truth, it lights the way for others to do the same, showing the strength in being vulnerable and encouraging more and more of us to get out of our comfort zone and grow. Even if it's something small it all still counts.

Join us in spreading a little light and joy to the internet!